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Our services are also available for everyone that speaks English

  • Removal of hacks & malware
  • Controlled updates & monitoring
  • One time securing of your WordPress website

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– Mathieu Scholtes

How it works

Easy as 1-2-3


  • You send us your website address
  • We inspect the website globally
  • We confirm the job


  • You send us login credentials
    Server and WordPress
  • You receive an invoice
    Pay 50% in advance
  • We do our work
    We report back to you


  • Checkups, service and guarantee
    The next days and 4 weeks we do all above
  • Once our work is 100% succesful
    You pay the remaining 50%


We have years of experience with e-mail-only communication which works well for us and all of our clients.
Though if you want to speak with us we can scedule a zoom call meeting