Why does my mail show up in the spam folder?

Why does my mail show up in the spam folder?
datum-geschreven 1 Nov 2023

Om understand why your emails end up in the spam folder, a basic understanding is required: Email goes through various filters before reaching the mailbox. These filters are set up by your hosting provider, on the server, or by Hotmail, Gmail, and other email providers.

Filters block email and determine if it’s spam

  1. The filters block a large portion of spam based on the information contained in an email. This includes things like explicit words or advertisements for products like “enhancement drugs” and “adult material.”
  2. The filters also block files known to contain viruses. (Based on file names and extensions, such as .exe files)
  3. Messages with large attachments are often blocked to prevent your mailbox from getting full.

In summary, if you send an email with large or suspicious attachments, it may get blocked. Similarly, if there are suspicions that the email is unwanted advertisement (spam), it may also get blocked.

The sending address

Another factor that can cause emails to end up in the spam folder is the sending address. Your email is sent through a server, which is a computer that processes much more information than just your email. If that computer is misused by others to send spam, the entire computer can end up on a blacklist.


If your email meets one of the above-mentioned factors, it may not land in the inbox, but instead be blocked or automatically placed in the spam folder.


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