My articles have been copied!

My articles have been copied!
datum-geschreven 12 Mar 2024

My articles have been copied!

It is easy to copy texts from websites without anyone noticing. It’s a form of theft that is commonly seen on the internet. It is anonymous and easily done – just cut and paste.

Checking if your texts are stolen

You can use Copyscape to check if your texts have been stolen. In other words, to check for plagiarism. Go to Copyscape’s website and discover if your pages have been copied!

My texts have been stolen, what now?

With Copyscape, you have found the website that is using texts originally from your website. Now you can send an email to the relevant website with an urgent request to immediately remove the copied texts. Specify which text it is since such websites may have copied articles more than once.

If the website in question refuses to remove the texts, you can contact them again and mention that you will take legal action against this online theft.

Does online theft pay off?

Google has a rule that the search engine detects and often does not index Duplicate Content (copied text)!

This means that the first person who publishes the texts online is the owner of those texts and gets the credit from the search engine Google. The second person who uses the texts will not appear well in the Google index or even get a complete WEBSITE BAN, making them no longer discoverable in Google.

Stealing small pieces of text

Even small pieces of text are detected, and even short phrases that are copied can be found in Copyscape. Google is very good at identifying which texts are original and which are simply copied from another site.


If you want your website to rank well on Google, you must write unique texts yourself!

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