The top 5 misconceptions about WordPress

The top 5 misconceptions about WordPress
datum-geschreven 13 Mar 2024

WordPress has been successfully used as a blog or business website by millions of users. It has been around since 2003 and has evolved from a simple blog platform to a fully-fledged CMS for extensive (business) websites.

The best part is that it has been freely available for years! It is released under the GPL (General Public License) and can be used by individuals and businesses without limitations.

However, there are many misconceptions about WordPress that are not accurate, and WPbeveiligen has listed the top 5 misconceptions:

  1. WordPress is a blogging system and not suitable for business websites. Fortunately, WordPress is highly flexible. Many paid themes offer the option to remove the “blog elements” so that it looks and functions like a professional website.
  2. WordPress is complicated for many, and its features are too extensive. This may be the initial impression when you look at the WordPress admin panel. However, most of the features are not used by bloggers/writers, so the web builder only needs to set it up once and then never worry about it again!
  3. You have to use WordPress from, making you dependent on their service. WordPress is software that you can freely download and install on your own server or hosting package. You are not dependent on anyone and can be sure that your blog or business website will still be online in the future.
  4. WordPress is not suitable for search engines. Out-of-the-box, WordPress is not 100% optimized. You will need to set up the permalinks yourself and add an SEO plugin that places meta tags in the header and allows you to customize them per page.
  5. WordPress is not secure.Similar to the popular operating system Windows, WordPress has a large number of users, and therefore, hackers try to take advantage of it. Out-of-the-box, WordPress is secure, and it receives regular updates to fix any security vulnerabilities that are found.The additional third-party plugins are the ones that may have security issues.For this reason, you need a good security plugin to protect your WordPress website from hackers and brute-force attacks.

That’s the top 5! There are many other misconceptions and tips you can read on WPbeveiligen in our news section.

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