Setting up a good Permalink structure in WordPress

Setting up a good Permalink structure in WordPress
datum-geschreven 11 Mar 2024

A Permalink structure? This term may not be immediately clear to many.

The Permalink is an enhancement of the link structure so that search engines like Google and others can better index the website. Properly preparing the Permalink Structure is of great importance for visitor numbers!

The Permalink structure of WordPress is not well-configured by default! It looks like this:

To do this, go to your WordPress admin panel > Settings > Permalinks.

Right after installing a new WordPress website, you will see the permalink structure set to “Default.”

Screenshot_13 Apr. 29 11.51

It’s best to change this to “Post name” or to a “Custom Structure” where you can add a specific addition.

Screenshot_13 Apr. 29 11.48

As you can see on your own website or in the image above, the link in the navigation bar has now changed to a proper title instead of a number. The title improves your visitor numbers via Google, while the numbers that were there previously hold no meaning for the search engine.

A clean title is not only beneficial for search engines like Google but also enhances the overall appearance of your website. And as you can see, it’s a quick and easy change to make!

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