The source code betrays your WordPress website

The source code betrays your WordPress website
datum-geschreven 18 Feb 2024

The source code of a website is visible to everyone; in many browsers, you can press F12 or right-click to view the source code of a website.

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What is the source code?

The source code is the raw version of the website without styling. The source code doesn’t display PHP code but it shows the output of PHP.

The source code displays only the specific page you requested the source code for. However, there are programs that can download the source code of the entire website.

What does the source code reveal about WordPress?

The source code of a standard WordPress installation reveals the version of WordPress.

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When hacking a WordPress site, knowing which version you are dealing with is one of the most crucial points.

But there are more pieces of information visible in the source code that can reveal weaknesses in your WordPress website.

Various plugins often leave some advertising behind.

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Unfortunately, the theme can also be easily found in the source code, allowing hackers to check if that theme contains any exploits.

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What can you do against the open source code?

The source code will always be there, visible to every visitor and, most importantly, visible to Google. Google reads the source code of your website and uses that information to determine if your website is interesting for visitors.

It is essential to have a clear source code where the information of your website is the main player.

There are plugins that enrich the source code with important information such as the page title, the description that Google can display, and links to relevant articles and pages that visitors and Google can explore.

Can WPbeveiligen do something about the source code?

The information revealed in the source code can be altered. By using filters, sensitive information such as the WordPress release and the plugins used can be hidden, making it more challenging for hackers and hackbots to hack your WordPress site.

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