The ease of habits

The ease of habits
datum-geschreven 9 Dec 2023

I make use of people’s habits when hacking a site. For example, I exploit their tendency to use easy-to-remember usernames and passwords. People often use their first or last names, maybe followed by a birthdate, and sometimes add a few numbers.

We dislike complicated passwords because there are already so many we have to remember. I like to take advantage of these habits.

Another example of habits

When you think of a hacker, you may envision a stereotypical bad person. After all, who would want to learn how to break into someone else’s system?

And rightfully so, there are very few who would go to the trouble of hacking just to earn a living through hard work.

But they exist, white hat hackers

white hat


White hat hackers hack for the thrill, for amusement, without causing harm to a website with hacks. They approach companies and inform them about the hacks they found.

Or they simply help someone regain access to their site if they forgot their password.

Hacking sites can be a fun activity if you know what you’re doing. I do it for the entertainment, which is why I’ve become a guest blogger on wpbeveiligen.

For your convenience, you can call me Hacker Anno. Hopefully, you will learn from the tricks I will describe in the coming weeks, and understand that there are also good hackers out there.

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