Quick course: Killing your WordPress in 10 steps

Quick course: Killing your WordPress in 10 steps
datum-geschreven 5 Dec 2023

Destroying your WordPress is not that difficult; we’ll teach you how to do it in 10 steps:

  1. Install as many plugins as possible; the more, the better. And never update them!
  2. Use your first name as the username for logging in.
  3. Choose your domain name as your password with some numbers.
  4. Try out various themes and keep them all.
  5. If you find comments with strange links on your site, log in and click on them!
  6. Share your FTP credentials with everyone on a forum! (Yes, it really happens…)
  7. Never update WordPress.
  8. Don’t use any antivirus on your computer and click YES on every internet popup.
  9. Let a teenager install your website because they know a lot about Windows!
  10. Choose the cheapest web host; the one for 1 euro per month must have an up-to-date server, right?

It may seem exaggerated, but we encounter these above 10 points on a daily basis.

Learn from it and avoid these mistakes!

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