My WordPress website is showing an error?

My WordPress website is showing an error?
datum-geschreven 25 Dec 2023

If there is something wrong with the code, the database, or the hosting, you may encounter an error.

For many, these errors are not understandable, but as WordPress security experts, we often encounter them on hacked websites.

Not every error is caused by a hack, so to find the right solution, it’s important to understand what the error means.

The 404 error

The 404 error is the most common and occurs when a page cannot be found.

Your website may still be accessible since a 404 page is usually displayed within your website’s layout, but the page either no longer exists or the URL was mistyped.

The 500 error

The 500 error usually indicates an issue with the server. It could mean that the server is temporarily offline or needs to be restarted. In such cases, your website will not be accessible until the hosting provider resolves the problem.

Error establishing a database connection

You’ll see this error when the database is unreachable. It can occur due to incorrect database credentials, but it may also be caused by hosting issues preventing the database from loading.

A white screen without an error message

In some cases, you may encounter a blank white screen. WordPress sometimes suppresses errors for security reasons since displaying errors could provide information to hackers.

To debug this, you can set the debug_mode to “true” in the wp-config file of your WordPress website.

WPbeveiligen can help you solve the problem

We have the knowledge and experience to resolve most errors. You can contact us on a no-cure-no-pay basis for error resolution.

The cost of fixing an error usually ranges between €40-€60 excluding VAT, as it typically takes no longer than an hour to resolve the issue.

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