Making your WordPress website faster

Making your WordPress website faster
datum-geschreven 10 Nov 2023

Here are some tips on how to make your WordPress website faster:

  1. Use fewer plugins: Every plugin adds its own CSS, jQuery, and PHP/HTML code to your website, which can slow down loading times.
  2. Choose a good hosting provider: Invest in a hosting provider in the mid-price range (30-75 euros per year). These providers often offer better performance than cheaper options. Hosting providers that use PHP 7 are generally faster than those with PHP 5.
  3. Secure your website: A well-secured website is better protected against attacks and incorrect requests that can burden the server.
  4. Use a caching plugin: Cache plugins can make your WordPress website faster, but be aware that some cache plugins have had security vulnerabilities in the past.
  5. Optimize image sizes: Resize images to an appropriate size. Large images can slow down your site, especially if used in sliders where all images are loaded before the site is displayed.

How fast is your WordPress website?

You can use GTmetrix, a free tool, to measure the speed of your WordPress website.

When you run a test, you’ll see how your website scores in terms of PageSpeed:

wordpress sneller maken

A PageSpeed score of 97% might be challenging to achieve, but aiming for a score of 70-80 is important.

You’ll also see the loading time of your website and the total size of your website in MB:

snelheid en grootte wordpress website

GTmetrix provides more information to help you speed up your website. Visit GTmetrix to learn more.

Is your WordPress website still slow?

If your WordPress website takes 10 seconds or longer to load, you can contact us to optimize it and achieve loading times of 3-5 seconds.

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