Knowledge and experience takes years

Knowledge and experience takes years
datum-geschreven 27 Nov 2023

I often encounter programmers who have a hack on their website or their client’s site and then search on Google for how to remove that hack. They supplement their programming knowledge and try to restore and secure the site with that information.

However, no matter how much they read and apply from the internet, the hacks keep coming back.

This makes me think that knowledge and experience take years to build.

And I experienced this…

When I was young, I had a vintage bike, a manual moped. It didn’t run properly and couldn’t reach the expected speed. I did a lot of research on the internet and worked on it extensively, but nothing seemed to solve the problem.

During one of the test rides, an old man in his 80s, hunched over, shouted, “Your mixture is too rich, you’re burning too much oil.”

I said, “No, it’s fine, I know what’s in the tank!”

The old man said, “I can hear that it’s running too rich. You should put less oil in your fuel.

Later, it turned out that the wrong mixture had been added to the tank, which wasn’t suitable for that specific type of moped. (There was still a separate oil reservoir on the moped that required a small amount of oil, allowing it to run on different fuel.)

Various people around me (including the previous owner of the moped) couldn’t figure it out, but this man heard it from the sound of the engine!

That is knowledge and experience!

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