Do you have WordPress under control?

Do you have WordPress under control?
datum-geschreven 31 Dec 2023

Having control over your website is crucial, especially considering it can be a significant source of income and visitors. Knowing what is happening with your website day and night, including the type of visitors it receives, is essential for effective management.

Tools like Google Analytics or the Count per day plugin can provide valuable insights into your website’s traffic, showing you where visitors come from and which pages they visit. However, one notable observation is the presence of visitors who spend 0.0 seconds on your website. These are known as “bots” that visit your website solely to leave a link behind. They may visit your website around 40 times a day, but they do not engage with any content.

Additionally, some visitors may land directly on your admin panel, indicating possible hackers and hackbots. These are usually automated processes performed by computers, making up about 99.5% of such attempts.

It is reassuring to know that many hacking attempts fail, but it is essential to be aware of potential security threats. Being informed about the number of attempts to access your admin area and their sources is crucial.

Moreover, having visibility into the actions of successful hackers is essential. Understanding how they gained access, which files they modified, and their activities enables quick action and response.

Ithemes Security PRO is a powerful tool that can help you regain control and enhance security for your WordPress website. Some of its features include:

– Keeping track of login attempts to your admin area.
– Notifying you of successful login attempts.
– Monitoring IP addresses that excessively visit your website.
– Detecting IP addresses attempting to fish for admin addresses.
– Logging file modifications, additions, and deletions, with precise timestamps.

By leveraging Ithemes Security PRO, you can proactively monitor your website and detect suspicious activities promptly. This allows you to take action against potential threats before they escalate and helps prevent costly security issues.

If you haven’t already, considering using Ithemes Security PRO can significantly enhance your website’s security and provide you with peace of mind.

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