Akismet activated? Dolly activated?

Akismet activated? Dolly activated?
datum-geschreven 1 Jan 2024

Akismet is one of the most commonly used plugins to combat comment spam. The plugin’s popularity stems from it being included by default in the WordPress plugins directory.

But let’s get back to Akismet – this plugin blocks comment spam.

Comment spam? What is that?

Comment spam occurs when scripts or bots leave irrelevant and promotional comments on your posts or pages.

Even if your article is about the moon landing, the spam comment might be promoting the purchase of shoes – in short, it’s comment SPAM.

Akismet has been installed millions of times and effectively addresses this spam issue.

It is worth mentioning that many websites do not use their comment section, making the plugin an unnecessary burden on the website’s speed.

So, think about it for yourself too!

If you have Akismet installed but never check it or update it regularly, then remove it!

Some older versions of Akismet had XSS issues (source).

Although there are few reports of problems and most users have the latest version thanks to the auto-updater, it’s important to reduce the number of plugins you use to avoid giving hackers an opportunity.

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