WordPress has been hacked! How does WPbeveiligen fix this!

WordPress has been hacked! How does WPbeveiligen fix this!
datum-geschreven 28 Dec 2023

Absolutely, every WordPress website is unique, even if we have seen hundreds of them. That’s the beauty of our profession! Each site presents a new challenge to properly restore and secure it.

But isn’t WordPress the same for all?

While the core files of WordPress are often the same, everyone uses different themes, plugins, and has varying numbers of pages and news articles.

We come across websites with just 3 plugins, but also with 30 plugins. As a general rule, keeping the number of plugins between 5 to 8 is advisable to maintain a good and secure website.

There are premium themes, free themes, and custom-made themes, all of which require their unique approach.

How does WPbeveiligen know what to do with themes and plugins?

We have been developing WordPress websites since 2007, six days a week. Over the years, we have worked with countless plugins and themes.

We continue to develop websites, test new plugins and themes regularly.

Sometimes, we encounter a new plugin or theme that we are not familiar with, and in such cases, we study and research it thoroughly to clean it without losing any code.

Does WPbeveiligen use a scanner or specific tools?

We use various methods to clean a website, but a significant part of the process involves manually reading and inspecting code, opening and examining folders, and checking file modification dates.

Although we can use tools to expedite the process of finding certain vulnerabilities and files, we still spend several hours manually reviewing and restoring a site. Automated software cannot distinguish between spam links, hacker HTML, and genuine content that belongs on the website.

There is no one-click solution.

It is a combination of knowledge, experience, and extensive research, recoding, and renewal.

One thing you can be certain of is that we use our expertise and passion for WordPress to restore and secure websites.

We offer a standard 1-month guarantee, and with a premium security plugin, we ensure that your website becomes less susceptible to hacking attempts.

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