WordPress hacked yet again?

WordPress hacked yet again?
datum-geschreven 8 Oct 2023

Your website is offline, and you contact your hosting provider only to find out that your WordPress website has been hacked.

And it’s sending spam

For security reasons, the hosting provider has taken your website offline.

Why your website is offline

Many websites are hosted on a single server, which is a powerful computer with a single IP address. When too much spam is sent from that IP address, major mail servers put it on their blacklist.

In other words, if your website continues to send spam, other customers won’t be able to send emails, and their emails won’t reach their recipients.

To cut a long story short, your website is now offline and inaccessible until you remove the file responsible for sending spam.

Where can you find a spam script?

searching filesThe spam script can be a single file located among the files in your WordPress site on the server.
Sometimes, the file is found in your uploads directory because it can be written to by third parties.
However, with a vulnerability in your plugins, the main directory is also accessible to hackers and hacking scripts.

The file can be located anywhere.

We often find the spam script in the uploads directory, among plugins, within themes, and in subdirectories.

You might think, “I’ll remove the spam script from my website, and then the website will go back online.”

Sounds logical, right?

Piece of cake!

A spam script means a hacked website

A spam script in your WordPress site indicates that hackers or automated scripts have found a way to access your server. That’s how the spam script ended up on your website and server.

That vulnerability needs to be patched!

A vulnerability can be present in an outdated plugin, in WordPress itself, in the passwords you use, or in the server’s security.

Closing that vulnerability requires expertise and experience!

Hackers are cunning and use special codes and proven tricks.
For example, Base64 code is written in PHP but encoded so that the server and search programs cannot detect it!

Fortunately, you’ve found WPbeveiligen!

We identify vulnerabilities and hack scripts, carefully remove them, and ensure that your WordPress site is not easily hacked again!

Click here! Get your hacked WordPress website cleaned and secured now!

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