Uptime monitoring

Uptime monitoring
datum-geschreven 9 Aug 2023

Uptime monitoring is one of the ways we keep an eye on your website. It allows us to track whether the server hosting your website is stable and if your website is consistently accessible. If any issues arise, we are notified.

We also receive reports on the website’s uptime over the past months. These reports help us identify server time-outs, instances when the server was offline and the website was inaccessible, errors that rendered the website completely unavailable, and more.

There can be various reasons why a website may experience periods of inaccessibility, such as plugins, an overloaded server, or an unstable data network.

If we notice frequent occurrences of downtime, we can work towards resolving the issue or provide guidance on how to approach your web host.

We have been utilizing uptime monitoring for all our clients for many years.

With our Package 2, uptime assistance is included by default. If your website experiences downtime due to a server issue, we assist you by communicating with your web host or providing you with the necessary information to address the problem.

Uptime assistance and monitoring are services that we consider standard practice, especially for critical business websites and online stores.

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