Uptime monitoring

Uptime monitoring
datum-geschreven 7 Jul 2023

In this post, we wrote about Uptime Monitoring, a standard service included in all our security packages. But what good is it if we only monitor if the website is still online… while the website is currently offline?

That’s where Uptime Assistance comes in!

If we receive a notification that your website is offline/unreachable, we investigate the cause. If it’s due to an error, we attempt to resolve it. We simply enable debug mode and try to bring the website back online and visible.

This may involve certain actions:

  • Updating a plugin causing an error
  • Temporarily deactivating a plugin causing an error
  • Manually re-uploading the WordPress Core
  • Notifying you that a plugin is no longer functioning correctly and you may need an alternative (e.g., plugins no longer supported by their creators)
  • Sometimes assisting with finding an alternative, although we generally do not interfere with the plugins you choose to use

If it turns out that the issue is caused by the web host, we inform you so that you can notify your web host about the problem on your website.

How do we know it’s the web host’s fault?

  • We see typical server errors (blank pages with error messages)
  • Even a txt file is no longer accessible (license.txt)
  • Txt files are accessible, but PHP is no longer executed (Apache error)
  • We see an error 500
  • And more… there are many indicators!

Note: Web hosts sometimes experience brief outages. That’s why we sometimes wait before notifying you. Sometimes it’s just a matter of waiting until the web host gets their service back up and running.

What Uptime Assistance is NOT

It is not intended as support for someone actively making changes to the website. If you have messed up the website yourself, we can help by restoring a backup, but we won’t fix the mistakes (unless you pay us extra).

Uptime Assistance in recent years

Our Uptime Assistance has prevented a lot of worries for website owners in recent years. In many situations, we have resolved the issue before the website owner even notices.

Through experience, we usually quickly determine what’s wrong (sometimes a hosting outage) and what steps need to be taken to get the website back online.

This is crucial for websites, especially for online shops!

Uptime Assistance is included as standard in our security packages.

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