Reputation monitoring

Reputation monitoring
datum-geschreven 9 Jul 2023

Did you know that Google scans websites in search results for malware on a daily basis? This is to provide visitors with the best and secure search results.

Google looks for:

  • Phishing – scripts attempting to steal payment information
  • Malware – scripts giving unwanted commands to visitors
  • Spam/unwanted advertising – for questionable products or services
  • URL redirects – redirecting visitors
  • And more..!

When Google detects any of the above issues on a website, it will display a warning in the search results:

This site may be hacked

Google notice
You can imagine that visitors think twice before clicking on your website in such cases.

The Chrome web browser
If a website visitor uses the Chrome web browser (by Google), it goes a step further:

They will see a red screen indicating that the website is unsafe when opening it

Antivirus programs
Many antivirus programs have a similar feature, where they block visitors if they consider a website to be unsafe.

SafeSearch, Phishing protection, or similar services.
It goes without saying that it is not good if visitors are prevented from accessing your website.

Reputation monitoring prevents ignorance
What if you don’t know that your website is considered unsafe by major entities like Google and other antivirus programs (Eset, Norton, McAfee)? You could potentially lose visitors, customers, or buyers for weeks or even months, and they often won’t return.

We monitor your website’s reputation with the top 10 leading companies, such as Google, Norton, Eset, and more!

We do this daily and automated to ensure that visitors are not blocked.

What if your website is flagged as unsafe?
If we discover that your website is blocked or has a bad reputation and is blacklisted, we resolve the issue as quickly as possible and request a re-evaluation from the service until the website is considered safe again and visitors can access it without any problems.

And you know what? This service won’t cost you a fortune!
We provide this service as a standard feature with our security packages.

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