This is how you install wordpress!

This is how you install wordpress!
datum-geschreven 5 Sep 2023

Installing WordPress, it has worked the same way for 10 years and is very simple. If you know how!
That’s why these basic instructions for the absolute beginner.

  1. Download WordPress here for free
    You will now download a ZIP/RAR file. If you don’t yet have the option to extract the files, download Winzip or Winrar.
  2. You need a domain name and hosting to show your website on the internet.
  3. When you have hosting, you get Database and FTP data.
    With Filezilla and the FTP details you can Put WordPress (From step 1) on the server.</li >
  4. Once you have uploaded the files to the server (Step 3), you can start the installation.
    Go with the browser to the domain name you purchased where your website should be located, then this screen will appear automatically.
  5. On the installation screen, enter the Database details. (You got it from the web host, step 3)
    You will also be asked to come up with a username and password that will allow you to access the administration panel from now on.
    Click install, and you’re done!

Have fun with WordPress!

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