PHP update required, now what?

PHP update required, now what?
datum-geschreven 1 Sep 2023

Are you sitting behind the computer with a cup of coffee or tea to provide your website with a new piece of text, suddenly there is a message in your admin that you need to update the PHP.

Even worse, you see a warning: WordPress has detected that your site is using an insecure version of PHP…

How do I update PHP then?
Which PHP version do I have now?
Can I ignore this message?

Read on and find out!

How should I update PHP then?

It is up to your web host to update php to a new version.
In short, send your hoster a message asking if your website can be set to PHP 7+. (Note: requirements will get higher in the future)

Which PHP do I have now?

You can see the PHP version that is currently being used by installing the Display PHP Version plugin. This can easily be done via the plugin management of WordPress.
After installation and activation, a piece of text (See outlined image below) will appear in your dashboard with the PHP version.

de php versie

Is it possible to use a higher PHP version with my website?

It is important that your plugins, theme and WordPress are up to date. Then you have the greatest chance that your website is ready for it.
Therefore make a backup of your website before you start updating if you haven’t done so in a while have.

PHP is therefore arranged by my hoster, is my hoster negligent?

No, it is not negligence if your hoster has not yet updated the PHP version. When adjusting to a new PHP, websites sometimes go wrong because they are not properly maintained by you or your web administrator.

I don’t have time for it, the update will come sometime

WordPress is getting stricter. To ensure that websites are safe for users and visitors.
Now they give a warning on the dashboard, but soon the minimum requirements for PHP will also be implemented in plugins.
This means that plugins or themes cannot even be installed if your website is still running on an old PHP.

Okay, first my website suddenly had to have https, now this again!

Https, php, security.. none of that was necessary before

The times when you made or had a website made that you didn’t have to look at for 5 years are over. (was a great time 🙂

all onlineThe internet has gained so much power and influence because everyone uses it daily that times have changed.

We shop online these days, we learn online, we use the internet as a guide for many things in our lives.

Many devices can no longer even function without internet!

It is extremely important that hackers cannot interfere. That your smartphone, tablet or computer is not hijacked by a hacker or infected with a virus.

I don’t have the time or inclination to update and keep up with WordPress!

Leave it to us. We are active full-time in maintaining WordPress websites. We make sure that your website is up-to-date, that you have backups if something happens and that the hoster can upgrade to the latest PHP without any problems.

Click here to have your WordPress website secured and maintained by us.

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