Know exactly how fast your website is?

Know exactly how fast your website is?
datum-geschreven 15 Sep 2023

Know exactly how fast your website is?

Use the chrome browser and press F12

Then you will see a developer tools screen where you can click on NETWORK.

Then refresh the homepage of your website by simultaneously pressing SHIFT F5.

You will then see a number of data that we will explain using the image below.

What to look out for

At point 4 you can see how many requests the website makes, how large the website is in KBs and the loading time.

What is slow? Like 5-7 seconds and anything above that is slow.

At point 2 you can see which files are the largest and may slow down the website.

At point 3 you can see the time it takes to load a request or file.

So, now you as a website developer or website owner can see exactly how the speed of your website is doing!

WPsecure, you learn every day 😉

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