Removing the comment option completely in WordPress

Removing the comment option completely in WordPress
datum-geschreven 7 Feb 2024

The provided code is designed to remove the comment functionality from various parts of a WordPress website. This can be useful for websites that do not require user comments and want to prevent potential spam or security issues associated with comments. Here’s an explanation of each section of the code:

1. `remove_admin_bar_links`: Removes the comment bubble from the WordPress admin bar.

2. `df_disable_comments_post_types_support`: Disables comments and trackbacks for all post types (such as posts and pages).

3. `df_disable_comments_status`: Disables comments and pings on the front-end (i.e., the website itself).

4. `df_disable_comments_hide_existing_comments`: Hides existing comments on the front-end.

5. `df_disable_comments_admin_menu`: Removes the “Comments” link from the WordPress admin menu.

6. `df_disable_comments_admin_menu_redirect`: Redirects direct access to the “Comments” page in the admin to the main admin page.

7. `df_disable_comments_dashboard`: Removes the recent comments box from the WordPress admin dashboard.

8. `df_disable_comments_admin_bar`: Removes the comments link from the WordPress admin bar.

If you add this code to your theme’s `functions.php` file, it will disable comments and related features across your WordPress website. Be cautious when modifying the `functions.php` file, as incorrect code can cause errors on your website.

Regarding removing existing comments, there are a few methods:

1. **Manually deleting comments**: If you have a relatively small number of comments, you can delete them manually from the WordPress admin dashboard. You can increase the number of comments displayed per page to make the process faster.

2. **Using a plugin**: There are plugins available that can help you delete all comments at once. One such plugin is “Delete All Comments.”

3. **Deleting comments from the database**: If you are familiar with database management, you can directly remove comments from the `wp_comments` table in the database. However, be cautious when making direct changes to the database, and always back up your database before attempting any modifications.

Remember, once you remove comments, they cannot be recovered, so it’s essential to make a backup before proceeding with any deletion process. Additionally, disabling comments using the code snippet provided will prevent new comments from being submitted, but it won’t remove existing comments from the database.

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