Can your WordPress site go to the junkyard?

Can your WordPress site go to the junkyard?
datum-geschreven 14 Jan 2024

Sometimes, people wonder if it’s worth securing their website, but the technical explanations about themes, plugins, databases, and content can be difficult to understand. So, let’s take a new approach:

What if your website were a car?

wordpress car

The Frame – WordPress

WordPress can last for years, but if you never update it, it may develop issues.

The Solution

  1. Update your WordPress from your admin panel
  2. Remove and re-upload WordPress to the server

update wordpress

The Paint (Theme)

The paint represents the appearance of your website. A new theme or restyling can make your website look brand new and up-to-date.


  1. Make your website mobile and tablet-friendly
  2. Add some new images to the content
  3. A CSS coder can work wonders with color adjustments
  4. Add a slider with beautiful images

new theme

The Components – Plugins

Plugins can become outdated and may cause issues.

What can you do?

  1. You can update plugins from your admin panel
  2. Remove the plugin and re-upload it to the server

update plugin

The Wiring – Database

The database is hidden away and requires little maintenance, but it’s worth checking.

How to optimize the database?

  1. Go to phpMyAdmin and select the tables to repair/optimize
  2. Remove old plugins, themes, pages, and posts that are no longer in use


Thankfully, WordPress is not a car!

While some knowledge and experience are required (or a WordPress expert), it’s a matter of replacing the right information, and your WordPress website will be as good as new!

What can WPbeveiligen do for you?

When we restore and secure your WordPress website, we thoroughly examine all files (like rust on a car) and ensure everything is polished and in place.

We also update or replace plugins, remove old unused information (in consultation), and ensure you have the latest WordPress update.

In short, a restoration and security service is not only an option when you’ve been hacked, but it’s also a great way to get your WordPress website in top shape, just like a good car maintenance check!

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