Beautiful titles with Google Web Fonts

Beautiful titles with Google Web Fonts
datum-geschreven 8 Mar 2024

Google Web Fonts is one of the latest and easiest developments in a long time. We, at OntwerpExpert, personally believe that it is a better development than the entire arrival of CSS3, which many browsers older than a year currently do not support.

What is Google Web Fonts?

Google Web Fonts offer an easy application for using beautiful custom fonts, whether as titles or text. These fonts are hosted by Google itself and are available for free.

The fonts are dynamically loaded using jQuery, making them faster to load than images with text, which was previously used to display beautiful titles.

Crossbrowser functionality

Google Web Fonts work on both newer and older browsers, including Internet Explorer 6+ and mobile devices such as the iPad and Android 1.5 and higher. However, the way the new fonts are loaded varies by browser. Some browsers display the default CSS font until the Google Fonts are fully loaded, and then replace the default font with the chosen Google Font. Other browsers load the font and display the text only when it is fully loaded. It is assumed that the short load time of the font will not hinder the user experience. The font is also stored in the cache, which means that with the popularity of the font system, it is likely to be loaded more frequently, staying in the user’s memory.

Search engine friendly?

It is self-evident that this font system does not create any barriers for search engines when applied to titles. After all, Google itself developed and provided it. It is considered to be a static HTML text with only a different appearance. You can also see this in the website’s source code, where no significant changes are visible.

To explore more, you can visit the Google Fonts website.

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