10 tips: Getting your website faster in Google

10 tips: Getting your website faster in Google
datum-geschreven 9 Mar 2024

A good start is half the battle! Here are 10 tips to get your website faster on Google:

1. Use a regular domain extension like .nl, .com, .info, or .net, avoiding free domain names.

2. Complete your website fully before trying to get it indexed by Google. Avoid dead-end links and incomplete pages. Pages with very little content (less than 400 words) may be indexed slower or not at all.

3. Improve your position by getting backlinks from other quality websites to your own website.

4. Avoid x-rated content, strange languages, or offensive words on your website. Also, stay away from illegal topics.

5. Do not use tricks to falsely improve your Google ranking, such as hiding text or displaying it in the same color as the background.

6. Link related keywords to other pages with similar topics. This way, your website is more likely to provide visitors with what they are looking for, and Google will value your website more.

7. Use proper text formatting. Headings, bold, italic, and underlined text highlight important points and add value to both visitors and Google. Images with appropriate filenames and alt-tags can also reinforce the text.

8. Ensure good coding practices, avoid endless tables, or inline styles.

9. Utilize meta tags in the source code, especially for providing a clear description to Google. However, note that keyword meta tags are no longer considered by Google.

10. Avoid large files or images exceeding 2-3 MB each on your website, as they can slow down loading times and lower priority in Google’s eyes.

In essence, your website’s goal is to provide a good user experience. Google is a search engine designed to help visitors find the information they are looking for. By catering to your visitors’ needs, you enhance your chances of ranking well on Google.

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