Adwords campaign turned off due to policy violation

Adwords campaign turned off due to policy violation
datum-geschreven 2 Oct 2023

Google is strict when it comes to advertisements and “misinformation.” It is considered a policy violation, and your AdWords campaigns will be disabled as a result.

The email notifying you that your AdWords campaigns have been disabled often leads to questions:

1. How can my website suddenly violate the policy when you haven’t made any changes to the site yourself?
2. Which policy is Google AdWords referring to?
3. How can I get my campaigns re-enabled?
4. How can I prevent this from happening again?

Point 1: How can the website suddenly violate the policy?

At this moment, thousands of computers are scouring websites on Google. When they come across a WordPress website, these computers run a program that tests the website for plugins, themes, or an outdated version of WordPress.

If the test reveals that there are components on your website that contain vulnerabilities, the program will attempt a series of known attack methods specific to that particular plugin, theme, or WordPress version. If one of the thousand attempts is successful, the program will place advertisements on your website.

These advertisements are often illegal or unwanted and deviate significantly from the intended purpose of your website.

Google recognizes illegal/unwanted information and has a policy to block websites with such information from AdWords and the Google search engine.

Point 2: How does the policy work?

The policy is designed to ensure that visitors to your website find the information they were searching for on Google. In short, any inappropriate or illegal information that is displayed violates the policy.

The AdWords scanner checks millions of websites every hour that advertise in order to maintain the quality of advertisements for search results on Google and for ads shown on websites.

Point 3: Re-enabling AdWords campaigns

The only way to re-enable AdWords is by removing the false/illegal information.

Afterward, it may be necessary to have the site checked (which you can do through Google’s Webmaster Tools).

Point 4: Preventing it from happening again

With the previously mentioned injection of false advertising, the program also inserts so-called “backdoors.” These backdoors allow a script to automatically reintroduce the advertising if it has been removed. To prevent it from happening again, you not only need to remove the false advertising but also locate and remove the “backdoor.” This is often a piece of code spread among the files of your website.

WPbeveiligen specializes in removing unwanted advertisements. We also identify and remove the backdoors, after which we implement and configure security measures to prevent it from happening again.

With the active maintenance and security services we provide, you can be assured that your website will no longer experience blocked AdWords campaigns due to policy violations.

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