25 reasons to use WordPress for your corporate website

25 reasons to use WordPress for your corporate website
datum-geschreven 1 May 2023


  1. WordPress is open source, free to use
    As they themselves have stated on their website for over 10 years, ”WordPress is free and always will be”.
  2. 95% of all web hosts support WordPress
    WordPress runs on PHP and MySql
  3. The installation is easy
    At many web hosts, it takes just a few clicks without you having to worry about files and the database
  4. WordPress allows themes as well as templates
    With thousands of free themes and temaplate options, your website can take any form you can think of
  5. WordPress is search engine friendly by default
    The structure of pages is well picked up by Google
  6. There are numerous formatting options for texts
    Whether you want to use titles, bold, quotes or video from YouTube, it is all possible without difficult html codes or embed codes.
  7. You can switch between the visual editor and html editor
    Although the visual text editor gives you many possibilities, you can still quickly switch to html view to insert html codes
  8. You can divide news items into topics and post types
    So you can add a pre-set layout
  9. WordPress is available in more than 100 languages
    Since 2022 you can choose which language you want to manage your website in at the login screen so you can start working in your own language right away
  10. With plugins you can easily add features to your website
    There is a plugin database with more than 55,000 free plugins available
  11. WordPress has a support forum
    This forum is maintained by members and various administrators, here you can personally get answers to your questions about WordPress codes, using WordPress, Plugins and themes
  12. WordPress is currently the most widely used website system
    WordPress is used by millions of large companies, news blogs, for web shops (WooCommerce) and startups
  13. WordPress is used by millions of programmers and website builders
    Right now in every city you have website agencies working with WordPress so you always have someone to manage, modify or improve your website
  14. WordPress will be 20 years old next year (2023)
    WordPress is one of the longest running systems with the most support over the years, Matt Mullenweg and his team have been managing WordPress for years with great success
  15. Security updates come out annually and sometimes even monthly that address the latest security threatsMatt Mullenweg and his team use their experience as well as the community (thousands of dedicated specialists) to release security updates to keep WordPress secure
  16. There are hundreds of Filters and Actions pre-programmed
    Those Filters and Actions allow you to create new features (plugins) without having to write hundreds of lines of code each time
  17. WordPress has a built-in comment system
    There is a standard form under each blog post or news item for visitors to leave a comment (you can also disable this)
  18. WordPress is a light and fast system
    WordPress is a well-optimized system that displays pages to visitors and Google within 1-3 seconds
    (The use of plugins or a web hoster with problems sometimes make WordPress slow, avoid this by being careful with the plugins that are installed)
  19. WordPress makes images web-friendly
    If you upload images from a high quality camera or phone they are much too large for internet use, that’s why WordPress instantly creates a few sizes you can choose from after uploading
  20. WordPress also has a webshop module
    With WooCommerce you can easily create a webshop that integrates with the style, navigation and shape of your website
  21. WordPress is user friendly
    There is also sufficient documentation for starters, so WordPress can be used not only by specialists but also by beginners
  22. WordPress has links with many large companies
    Many large companies – Bol, Amazon, accounting systems, planning software – have created plugins for WordPress that allow you to easily link your website to their services
  23. WordPress can be used on phones and tablets
    There are apps available that make it easier to manage WordPress on smartphones and tablets
  24. WordPress has export possibilities
    Data from your website can be exported in various ways, useful if you want to load the data into another program
  25. Logging in and managing your website is easy
    With the latest module from iThemes Security you can even login with face-id, or with an email link. This way you no longer have to remember passwords and you can easily manage the website from anywhere


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