WordPress maintenance and security

wordpress beveiliging en onderhoud door wpbeveiligen


We have been dealing with WordPress for 15 years now. In the early years, security was not so necessary, but as WordPress became more popular and attacks on WordPress websites increased, this changed.

Millions of WordPress websites are hacked every year. Not by individuals themselves, no by the scripts or viruses they release on the Internet.

The viruses do one thing: They scour the Internet for WordPress websites and then unleash a number of tricks on the websites.

We protect your website from the tricks of viruses.

  • Such a virus looks for outdated and leaky plugins.That’s why it’s good that we keep your WordPress website up-to-date!
  • A virus tries to exploit standards to get into your website.WordPress is the same worldwide, from the table structure in the database to the files on the server. That’s why we update the most risky standards so a virus can’t get a hold of them.
  • A virus can fire more than 10,000 attacks on the server within 1 minute! We stop those attacks – brute force attacks – with the right software and configuration.

Maintenance and security is important for any WordPress website, but even more so if you have a WooCommerce webshop or process a lot of customer data in your website.

We secure and maintain WooCommerce webshops, register your webshop now!

Do you have a large website with a lot of customer data? Then let us secure and maintain your website too! Click here to request security and maintenance for your corporate website.

Did you know that, by default, viruses export your customer data (users and completed forms) once they have access to your website? These are resold by the thousands of accounts….

How do you know what is happening in your website? Can you read the logs, or find them at all?

We can log, read the activities of your website and also read the server logs. This is essential if you want to know the state of your website. Where are the attacks coming from, and to what extent are they affecting your website?

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