Wix makes attempt to mock WordPress

datum-geschreven 3 Aug 2023

WordPress is free to use and has an open license, allowing you to use it for any purpose you want. WordPress, therefore, doesn’t have a sales team, doesn’t send invoices, and as far as I know, doesn’t engage in advertising to convince you to use WordPress.

It’s peaceful and non-binding.

It’s a different story with WIX, another CMS for creating websites. With WIX, it’s all about the money, profit. This often leads to the commercial gimmicks you frequently see with companies focused on revenue.

In addition to regular advertising, WIX has taken a peculiar path. They have created ads that mock WordPress, adopting an Apple versus Windows idea.

You can watch one of the ads here: [link to video]

Matt (Founder of WordPress) blogs about it [here](https://ma.tt/2021/04/wix-dirty-tricks/) and gives a little pushback.

Normally, the WordPress landscape is very calm because there is little to no competition since WordPress is free. This is a peculiar turn of events, like a soap opera.

I’m curious to see what the future holds. Although WIX has a small share in the online world and is not a real competitor, it does bring some excitement to the scene.

Secretly, these videos where companies try to one-up each other can be quite entertaining.

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