Why a hacker places links in your website

Why a hacker places links in your website
datum-geschreven 14 Sep 2023

As a hard-working entrepreneur, it is hard to imagine that those “3-5 links” of advertising in your website will make someone money.
So why would a hacker bother to get them into your website?

All SEO experts know why that happens, it’s link building.

Plus, it’s pennies. With scripts, 1000s of sites are provided with those links at once.

The website to which all links point will receive a temporary boost in Google. Until Google catches on to the foul play.

In addition to temporary link building, there are always people who fall for advertising.

How that works:
Your website that has built up a good name suddenly advertises a product that will help you lose weight quickly! 1 in 10,000 people will fall into the trap of the hackers and go to the website and be seduced with a beautiful fairytale about the product… and buy the product.

But criminals do NOT deposit the money from that sold product into their own bank account.. because that’s how they can be arrested or found.

Because the money goes to an anonymous account, they will not deliver the product.
And unfortunately, the contact options on their website are fake.

100% profit.

Note: hackers & criminals will get what they deserve. That won’t bode well in the long run!

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