What is a WordPress theme?

What is a WordPress theme?
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A WordPress theme contains all the elements that are important for displaying texts, pages, posts and more.
Both the display of the elements and the design (color, size) are all controlled by the theme.

Is every WordPress theme the same?

Basically, every WordPress theme has a standard number of templates, basic design and various functions.
The colors, dimensions may differ, of course.

Free themes versus paid “premium” themes

There are free themes and the so-called paid “Premium” themes that offer more features or formatting for such things as portfolio pages, contact forms and more.

How do you get a WordPress theme?

WordPress offers a good number of approved themes that you can use for free. In addition, there are several themes for sale on the Internet, these often have additional elements that add value and thus can be sold for a certain amount of money.

Is a free theme worse than a paid theme?

No, the themes available for free on WordPress.org are very good. They are well structured and created by several good programmers.

What about the SEO?

The structure of themes is clear, 95% of all themes are suitable for Google.

How do I choose another theme?

If you are logged into your website, you can go to the “Appearance > themes” tab to choose new themes. (English: appearance > themes)

Pro Tip:

Once you’ve found a theme, delete the ones you’ve tried but aren’t going to use again. This is important so that the themes (especially the outdated ones) are not approachable by hackers.

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