Securing WordPress with a plugin

Securing WordPress with a plugin
datum-geschreven 7 Oct 2023

Is it necessary to secure WordPress with a plugin?

By default, WordPress is relatively secure, and any XSS hacks are neutralized in updates. However, the plugins and themes developed by others have vulnerabilities that allow hackers and automated scripts to gain access to your website.

Securing WordPress starts with hiding and securing your admin area. Through the admin area, a hacker can do whatever they want, such as creating new posts and pages and injecting ads into your content or layout.

But… I have hosting security, right?

The hosting provider’s role is to protect against DDoS attacks and ensure the server functions properly. They implement security measures such as firewalls and brute-force protection, primarily focused on safeguarding the server itself. The server’s security software is NOT designed to protect Content Management Systems.

This is because certain permissions and freedoms are required for a Content Management System to edit, create, and delete files.

Out of a thousand websites, 999 are discovered by automated scripts through Google and get infected with a virus. So even if your website is for a local fishing club, the automated script doesn’t discriminate and will still inject malware.

Malware? Virus? Hackers? Injection?

These terms can be confusing! Isn’t a virus for computers? Like the Windows viruses in the early 2000s? Explanation: A server hosting your website is a “stripped-down” computer with only an operating system like Linux. Linux has fewer viruses that work due to root protection. However, with WordPress, it’s different.

And isn’t malware something in my browser? Explanation: Malware is short for Malicious Software. It refers to the scripts/software that hackers place, or rather “inject,” on your server.

Injection is a term from medicine, right? Explanation: It involves taking a piece of code and releasing it on the server, which then spreads to various directories and files.

Hackers are intruders who primarily work with electronics. In this case, they spend days experimenting with a known vulnerability and target their virus to exploit that vulnerability.

Can a plugin stop all of that?

Not just “any plugin,” but the enhanced iThemes Security PRO NL can. This plugin has undergone years of development, testing, updates, and improvements in both the United States and the Netherlands to make hackers’ lives more difficult and protect your WordPress website.

How does the plugin work?

Against viruses: The security plugin restricts write and execute permissions on important files, making it more difficult for viruses to spread and modify critical files.

Against malware: Malware has certain characteristics and often executes commands that this security plugin can block.

Against injections: Injections are often attempted through the navigation bar, and this security plugin blocks suspicious injections and long codes that hackers try to inject into your website.

Against hackers: Hiding the LOGIN admin screen and implementing two-factor authentication are some of the most important preventive measures. Additionally, this security plugin hides various features that hackers exploit to gain access to your website, such as user information, database details, WordPress version numbers, and more.

In summary…

It is essential to secure your WordPress website against attacks, viruses, and malware. The iThemes Security PRO NL plugin offers the best protection for WordPress. We have been using this plugin for years and cannot imagine operating without it. Can you?

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