Improve your WooCommerce webshop with this checklist

Improve your WooCommerce webshop with this checklist
datum-geschreven 3 Sep 2023

The first impression

Just like in a physical store, your products should look attractive in the woocommerce webshop:
According to statistics, customers decide in the first 5 seconds whether they want to continue their product selection.

  1. Do you have clear pictures
  2. A clear description of the product

woocommerce producten goed fout

The appearance of your webshop:
Although the visitor mainly looks at the products, the subconscious (the feeling) also determines a large part of the purchase.

  1. Is your WordPress webshop easy to use on mobile and tablet (40% of visitors use a mobile or tablet)
  2. Do you have a clear logo
  3. Is the text legible (not too small)
  4. Do the colors of your webshop match your products (Orange-yellow is nice for a travel website, but not for watches, for example)

uitstraling website

User Ease

Can the visitor see with 1 mouse click:

  1. Who is responsible for the webshop (About us page)
  2. What is the return policy/warranty
  3. How others experience your services or products (references)
  4. Whether you have a quality mark


How fast does your WooCommerce webshop load:
The top 3 biggest reasons for clicking away from the webshop appear to be Pop-ups, misleading texts and a slow webshop.

  1. Do you know the loading time of your webshop (Should be a maximum of 7-10 seconds)
    Check the speed of your webshop now at
  2. Do you have 1 optimization plugin (Think Autoptimize, WP-Rocket)

snelle website


How is it doing in Google:
70% of visitors come from Google. The description they see with their search result partly determines whether they visit your webshop.

  1. Do you have an SEO plugin (Think Yoast Seo)
  2. Have the descriptions of products and pages been adjusted (by default it takes the first sentences of your webshop)
  3. Do you have a sitemap (Can also be arranged via Yoast, at advanced)
  4. How many pages are indexed, are all your products indexed

google webshop goed fout


Is your webshop safe for customers:
Customers fill in their payment details, sometimes personal details, home address and that must not fall into the hands of hackers

  1. Does your webshop have an https certificate (SSL)
  2. Is your WordPress admin secure (redirected, brute-force protected)
  3. Is your webshop up-to-date (plugins, WordPress core, the theme)
  4. Does your webshop or WordPress not contain any malware (Check it at

Do you want to be sure that your WooCommerce webshop is safe? Let us secure your webshop.



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