Keeping WooCommerce secure

Keeping WooCommerce secure
datum-geschreven 21 Oct 2023

WooCommerce is an extremely popular e-commerce platform, powering approximately 39% of all webshops worldwide. Its popularity can be attributed to its integration with WordPress, its free availability, and the ease with which users can set up an online store with just a few clicks. WooCommerce also offers a wide range of free plugins that allow users to customize their webshops according to their preferences.

However, the simplicity of setting up a WooCommerce webshop has also led to the proliferation of insecure webshops on the internet. These insecure webshops can become targets for hackers and may face various consequences, such as being hacked, sending spam to customers, leaking email addresses to third parties, transmitting credit card information without encryption, displaying unwanted links and advertisements, receiving Google’s “red flag” for security issues, and more.

If you are unable to invest in professional website security, following these four important rules can help you keep your WooCommerce webshop secure:

1. Install only one website per hosting package: Hosting packages are like closed spaces where your website resides. If multiple websites are hosted within the same package, a hacker or a hack-bot gaining access to one site could put all other sites at risk. Hosting each webshop separately minimizes this risk.

2. Regularly update WooCommerce: WooCommerce being a free platform, it is susceptible to hacking attempts. The developers behind WooCommerce regularly release updates with security fixes to counter such attempts. Keeping your WooCommerce installation up-to-date is crucial.

3. Use HTTPS: Having an SSL certificate and enabling HTTPS is not just about showcasing security; it is vital for securely transmitting sensitive data, such as payment information.

4. Limit the number of plugins: Although there are numerous plugins available to enhance WooCommerce, every plugin introduces a potential security vulnerability. Keeping the number of plugins limited to 3-5 WooCommerce addons can reduce the risk.

Remember, a webshop is like a physical store and requires proper security measures. WordPress, being the foundation of your WooCommerce shop, should be kept up-to-date and secured to ensure a safe and secure e-commerce environment.

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