Guarantee, convenience and security for WordPress websites

Guarantee, convenience and security for WordPress websites
datum-geschreven 21 Aug 2023

Deception is part of the hacker’s game

The tricks of hackers go beyond the knowledge, perseverance, and experience of programmers. It’s not due to a lack of expertise but simply because there are thousands of tricks to infiltrate and maintain malware in a WordPress website.

The ongoing battle of a major IT company

This reminds me of the struggle faced by Microsoft, where billions of dollars were invested in protecting Windows against hackers, trojans, and viruses.

And has it been successful? Is Windows impenetrable, 100% secure?

No, criminals come up with new tricks every week, even fooling companies like Norton Antivirus, Kaspersky, and other companies dedicated to intercepting malware, viruses, and the latest tactics used by online criminals.

Now you can understand the importance of having guaranteed security for your WordPress website, as anything can happen!

Whether it’s a small website, a large corporate website, or an online store, NO ONE wants to deal with the detrimental effects of hacks or the costs associated with removing them from the website.

WPbeveiligen = Standard Guarantee & NO additional costs

With our subscriptions, we provide standard guarantee: if a hacker manages to infiltrate your website despite all the security measures we have implemented, we will undo the hacker’s malware/hacks, locate any backdoors, and intensively monitor the site.
We will catch the hacker in their virtual tracks!

This guarantee is provided without any additional costs!

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