WordPress Monitoring with Screenshots

WordPress Monitoring with Screenshots
datum-geschreven 30 Jun 2023

We have great news! We are expanding our comprehensive management and update service package with screenshots!

We now take a daily screenshot of your entire homepage, which we store and can review at any time in a timeline.

Why Daily Screenshots are Important

  1. Screenshots provide literal “insight” into changes that can occur during updates
    By taking a daily screenshot of your homepage and saving it, we have a valuable archive of your website at different points in time. These screenshots show how your website looked on that specific day. This allows us to identify and correct any changes.
  2. Convenience during discussions
    If changes occur, we can refer to the screenshots, and you can point out any potential differences.
  3. No need for photographic memory
    While you, as a website owner, may know your website very well, you don’t have a photographic memory. We, of course, are familiar with your website, but we mainly focus on the technical side and also lack a photographic memory. But now, with the screenshots, we do!

Convenience and Assurance

With the new daily screenshots, we offer an additional level of convenience and assurance in managing your website. It’s our way of ensuring that we can always refer back to a previous state of your website if needed.

Daily Screenshots Now Included in All Our Maintenance and Security Packages

Best of all, this service is now included as a standard feature in all our existing maintenance and security packages, at no additional cost to you!

Would you like to enjoy security and peace of mind? Have us continuously maintain and secure your website!

Click here for a maintenance and security package

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