WordPress hacking, child’s play?

WordPress hacking, child’s play?
datum-geschreven 27 Oct 2023

WordPress gives away a lot of information about the active plugins, the theme, and even the version of WordPress your website is running on…

The WordPress version number is visible in the source code of many websites and in the readme.html file that is placed on the server with every WordPress update.

With this specific information about plugins, themes, and the WordPress release, hackers and scripts can hack any insecure WordPress website.

Both automated scripts and novice programmers can then target your WordPress with specific code to hack the website and display their own ads on your website!

This brings us to the first question,

Can you hide the source code and specific information?

The source code will always remain visible to everyone.
And with specific server requests, it is always possible to check which plugins are active.

example of WordPress dataOnly as a programmer, you can make plugins invisible to hackers, which means excluding updates.
Interested in going a step further? It takes time and costs some, but if you’re interested, we can make your plugin unrecognizable: feel free to contact us.

What information does your WordPress website reveal to hackers??

It’s important for everyone with a WordPress site to know how their website’s security stands and how much information is actually visible to hackers and hackbots.

We have found 2 websites where you can check for free if your WordPress site has already been hacked and if it gives away information that could lead to your website being hacked.

The free security check for your WordPress website

  1. sucuri scanOne of the best websites for WordPress security and hacks is Sucuri’s Malware Check
    The Sucuri malware scan shows if your website is infected and if your website is currently blacklisted. This way, you can find out if your WordPress site has not been hacked yet.
  2. The second website we recommend is the Hackertarget Security Scan
    wordpress scan
    The Hackertarget security scan shows what information your website gives away. This includes usernames, active plugins, and the theme your WordPress site is using.

Knowledge is power

Now you know that hackers can easily discover which plugins and WordPress version you are using, which is a weak point of WordPress. You also know the steps you can take to secure your website.

Or not? WPbeveiligen.nl is filled with articles and tips on securing your website!

A professional who truly cares for your WordPress site


If your website is essential to you, it’s best to let a professional work on it. We’ve been working with WordPress full-time since 2007.

Feel free to contact us, either by phone or email. We can tell you how your WordPress website is doing and what can be improved!

And even better, we can take all your worries off your hands and get to work right away if you fill out a form.


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