Wordfence expands their services with Wordfence Care & Wordfence Response

datum-geschreven 19 Jul 2023


Wordfence FREE is well-known, right? It’s the free security plugin from Wordfence, currently used on at least 4 million websites.

Then there’s Wordfence Premium, which currently costs $100 per year. Premium offers enhanced security with faster firewall/threat updates.

And now, Wordfence has introduced two additional services:

Wordfence Care

Installation and configuration of the Wordfence plugin, monitoring, and security issue resolution. These services are provided during office hours.

It currently costs $490 per year.

Wordfence Response

This is Wordfence Care, but with faster service within 1 hour, 365 days a year!

For this, you’ll pay $950 per year.


Good or bad: It’s great that they are offering these services now. For large companies already using Wordfence, this can be an interesting addition.

In terms of pricing: It’s not cheap, but it’s also not unaffordable for a medium-to-large company.

Let us know in the comments if you use Wordfence and if you’re considering using Wordfence Care or Response services!

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