Who hacked my website?

Who hacked my website?
datum-geschreven 28 Oct 2023

Your website has been hacked, and it now displays advertisements for another website and product. Or the hacker has used your website/server to send out thousands of spam emails.

That’s not a pleasant situation! And after removing the hack, you may want to track down the hacker.

But you won’t find them.

Why you won’t find the hacker

Hacks are 999 out of 1000 times automated. This means the hacker has written a script that searches for sites one by one and tests them for vulnerabilities.

  1. The script runs on a server, and not from the hacker’s computer.
  2. The hacker who launched the script for the first time did so through a “detour”. The data ended up on the internet through many other computers.
  3. There are more than 10,000 scripts in circulation. The scripts are also reused by others who did not develop them. It could be just a student or your neighbor who is not a programmer, making it impossible for you to expect it from the person.
  4. The product the hacker is advertising goes through advertising sites in different countries, each with its privacy laws.
  5. The name of the hacker is often a fictional name that is used by multiple people.

Prevention is better than cure

We have various clients who want to recover the costs of restoring their website from the culprit, the hacker who developed the script with malicious intent. However, no matter how good your connections are or how many computer specialists or detectives you hire, you won’t find the culprit quickly, let alone bring them to court.

So, prevent your website from being easily hacked by scripts!

Have your WordPress website professionally secured.


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