When do you have too many plugins?

When do you have too many plugins?
datum-geschreven 6 Sep 2023

To immediately piss off many website builders: 30+ plugins is too much.

Of course the customer has wishes,
The website must be a fast Ferrari with the loading space of a truck and the seating comfort of a train.

How many plugins is common?

10 to 20, maximum!
Rather 10 than 20.

Why limit the number of plugins?

Each plugin loads a piece of code, making the website a bit slower.
Then we are not even talking about plugins that are of lesser quality, which can slow down your website by seconds.

Gosh, what’s a second

If your website loads within 4-5 seconds, it’s no problem. But each plugin adds 0.1 to 0.3 seconds.
If you have 30 plugins on and your website takes 8-12 seconds to load, the visitors will drop out.
Google will also give your website a lower ranking in Google.

How do I limit the number of plugins?

  1. Custom – don’t use a plugin for every function.
  2. Avoid duplicate plugins – Yoast SEO is good, your site will not be found better with 3 seo plugins.
  3. Think in advance what your website should be able to do – then the programmer can take that into account


In addition to the speed of the website, security is also hard to find with 30+ plugins.

Plugins leak every week, hackers find ways to take over your website or fill it with advertising.
Check out this website: https://wpvulndb.com/plugins

I want a fast website and a secure website – but also lots of features!

The speed of your website
Then take a good hosting package, such as a VPS (Virtual Private Server), DDS (Dedicated) with SSD (Solid State Drive) and sufficient ram memory. (Don’t forget the CPU, but with a dds that is often fine)
Technical story, just ask the web host.

The security of your website
Let your website secure and manage. We check whether the plugins are still safe, keep them up-to-date and keep an eye on your website. The blacklists, speed and more!

A good programmer
A good programmer knows what he is doing and how to keep your website fast. If you want an extensive website with many functions, a good programmer is indispensable!

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