What is Wordfence?

What is Wordfence?
datum-geschreven 23 Jul 2023

Wordfence is a plugin that protects WordPress websites against malware and hackers.

Wordfence works proactively by using a firewall and includes a file scanner to check your WordPress site for hacks, backdoors, and viruses.

What does Wordfence do?

  1. Wordfence uses a firewall to block attacks on your website
  2. Wordfence has a built-in scanner to scan your WordPress website for hacks, backdoors, and common viruses
  3. Wordfence provides options to enhance the security of your login screen
  4. Wordfence offers features to disable WordPress functions commonly exploited by hackers
  5. Wordfence sends you notifications when issues arise
  6. And more…

Wordfence is the most widely used plugin for WordPress

With over 4 million users, Wordfence is the most popular security plugin. Following Wordfence, iThemes Security has 1 million active installations, and there are a few other smaller options like Bulletproof, Sucuri, Cerber.

Are you already using a security plugin for WordPress?

It is recommended not to wait too long to install a security plugin. Both new and old sites are targeted by hackers. Whether your website is small or large, make sure hackers can’t gain control over it!

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