What is spam

What is spam
datum-geschreven 1 May 2023

Spam is unwanted email that often has a commercial background, such as advertising products or services.

What makes an email spam is that you receive it without having signed up for the advertisement.

How does a “spammer” get your email address?

They are obtained by computers using scripts (also called BOTS) from websites that can be found on Google.

Place a contact form

It is advisable to use Contact form 7. With Contact form 7 you can place a contact form on your website.
The customer can send you a message that appears in your mailbox, without revealing your email address on the website.

Legislation on spam

It is legally required to provide recipients of advertising with the option to unsubscribe.
Therefore, you often find a link at the bottom of the email, in very small letters: unsubscribe here.

Be careful when unsubscribing, as they may use tricks.
Read carefully what it says, otherwise you may click on a sentence like:
Do you not want to receive email from third parties but do want to receive email from us? Click here…

Then you’re still stuck with it!

What WPbeveiligen does against spam

Of course, we are actively involved in making websites hack-free. Websites are often hacked to send spam!

We also offer hosting with the necessary spam filters so that you receive less spam.
We also have various manual options to prevent spam, such as setting filters based on domain name, email address, specific words, and more!


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