What is a website server?

What is a website server?
datum-geschreven 28 Jul 2023

A server is an extremely fast computer that “serves” your website when someone visits your domain name.

veiligheid datacenterServers are typically located in data centers, which are hi-tech buildings with secure rooms and fast internet connections.
The building is divided into enclosed spaces where sensors ensure that the temperature, humidity, and airflow are optimal for the server to perform well. This results in a more stable server, which is important for website uptime.

Why are websites hosted on servers?

As mentioned, it provides a secure environment to store your website. The internet connection is fast enough to load thousands of websites.

You “can” serve a website from a single computer, but this is not cost-effective, nor is it very secure or stable.

Are all servers the same?

No, there are differences in the technology used by servers. The configuration can also vary. Therefore, it cannot be assumed that your website is hosted on the best and fastest server.

Can I buy my own server?

Yes, you can. However, keep in mind that you will have maintenance, licensing costs, and many other expenses, resulting in initial costs of 1500+ euros, not to mention monthly costs. That’s why 99.9% of all website owners choose a hosting provider that has servers in a data center.

Choose a good hosting provider

Currently, we are in contact with a very fast hosting provider.
They use the latest technologies, both in terms of software and hardware (the server itself).

An important aspect for a fast website is also the number of websites hosted on a server. If there are too many, the sites can still be slow. This often happens with budget hosts.

The hosting provider we recommend prioritizes the speed of your website and therefore hosts only a few websites per server.

Do you want an extremely fast website?

Then choose our hosting provider.


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