What is a one-page website?

What is a one-page website?
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A one page website = a website with 1 page. That’s it, thanks for reading!

Explanation of a one page website

A one page website displays all the important information on a single page:

  1. Introduction to the company or product
  2. Key points
  3. Possibly a Showcase/Portfolio
  4. References/Reviews
  5. A contact form OR contact information

Sometimes a separate checkout page or contact page is added.

The pitfall of a one page website

A one page website presents all the important elements on a single page, which can sometimes make it lengthy and overwhelming.

How to make the one page website user-friendly and accessible for visitors

To make the page more organized, it is often helpful to use a navigation that directly takes you to the relevant section on the page. The page scrolls to the appropriate position.

pagina vershuift

How does linking to a section within the page work technically?

You assign an ID to the desired section on the page.
This can be a DIV or a HEADLINE: <div id=”about-us”> or <h2 id=”about-us”>
Then, you refer to the link like this: #about-us

Simple, isn’t it!?

The advantages of a one page website

  • Less content is needed
    In fact, it is recommended not to overcrowd the page with extensive blocks of information; instead, distribute the content across multiple pages.

The disadvantages of a one page website

  • Fewer pages in Google’s index
    With only one page, your visibility is reduced when people search for your company or product.
    This means that another website addressing the same topic with multiple pages will stand out more and appear directly below your first search result along with a few other results.
  • Less analytical tracking capability
    Since a visitor has no other pages to navigate to after the initial page (from an analytics perspective, they only exit the website), it becomes more challenging to track their interests, whether they wanted to learn more, or if they intended to contact you, etc.

Is creating a one page website easier than a regular website?

You might think that it is much easier and cheaper to create a one page website or have it built by a web developer.

However, that’s not the case. Setting up a website involves a few tasks:

+ Installing or configuring the website
+ Designing the theme
+ Implementing and formatting the content

Afterward, it’s not very difficult to add a few extra pages and distribute the text from the homepage across those pages!

You still need all the skills required for a regular website when creating a one page website! And the workload is almost the same.

Who is a one page website suitable for?

  • For companies or products with limited availableinformation

    or those that prefer to share only essential information.

  • For website owners who want an easy-to-maintain website with only one page.
  • For web developers who want to save one hour of work 😉
    Although it should be noted that creating a one page website also requires expertise; it’s just a different way of presenting information. But once you become proficient at it, it’s smooth sailing!

Also, remember that every website needs security, whether it has 1 or 10 pages. WordPress and its plugins require updates and security measures.
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