This is normal! They are trying to hack my WordPress!

This is normal! They are trying to hack my WordPress!
datum-geschreven 22 Sep 2023

The surprise remains great when we mention that there are daily attempts to hack a customer’s WordPress website.

My website? Out of all the websites out there?

We will try to explain it as simply as possible without getting into too technical details.
(Most of our blogs go into such detail that even hardcore programmers can’t follow anymore)

They are trying to hack your website!
This is logical because:

  1. Tens of thousands of scripts are active day and night on hackers’ computers and infected websites.
    These scripts have one purpose: to search for WordPress files/websites through Google and then perform a standard number of requests (hack attempts).
  2. If your website is discoverable on Google, then a Hackbot will find it too!
    A computer can perform millions of calculations per minute, so imagine the reach of such a Hackbot.
  3. The scripts are ingeniously crafted by former programmers.
    The scripts executed by the Hackbot are highly sophisticated.
  4. All plugins you use leave traces in the source code of your website, which provides a foothold for a Hackbot.
  5. There is a lot of money to be made by hacking WordPress websites.
    They can inject advertisements on your website.
    They can engage in link building through your website to boost their own website’s ranking on Google.
    They can change your payment details on WooCommerce to their own. (PayPal)
  6. WordPress is Open Source and available for free download, along with thousands of free plugins.
    They can thoroughly examine those plugins and search for vulnerabilities.
  7. Currently, 40% of all WordPress sites do not have an antivirus plugin.
    It’s only with an Antivirus plugin that you can see how many hack attempts are made.
    You can also see how many false attempts are blocked.
  8. Criminal activity is significant, very significant. Especially online, as the perpetrators can remain “anonymous”.

Every website that can be found on Google is simply facing attempts to break in. Files and URLs are being tested.

Think of it like a criminal checking if your backdoor is open.

At the time of writing, we have over 200 articles, many of which cover methods to prevent hackers from gaining access.

Do you want to secure your website?

We ensure that your website does not allow unwanted visitors (hackers and hackbots). They are registered, blocked, and cannot execute their scripts on your website!

We offer a comprehensive service/maintenance package so that you no longer have to worry about your website!

Click here if you want to leave the maintenance and security of your website to WPbeveiligen.


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