This is how a hacker earns from your website

This is how a hacker earns from your website
datum-geschreven 17 Nov 2023

Placing even a small piece of code on your website can allow a hacker to display advertisements on your website, which can earn them money through affiliate programs.

How much money does a hacker make?

A simple hacker may earn around 10-50 euros per month by targeting a few websites. However, if a hacker or a team of programmers cracks a plugin and gains access to 10,000+ websites through that plugin, the earnings can be significant.


There have been cases where companies with programmers nearly go bankrupt and resort to hacking websites to generate income through advertising networks or selling their own products. Such actions harm many websites and can quickly generate substantial profits for the hackers.

How innocent is hacking a site?

Injecting a link into a website. That should be harmless, right?
WRONG! It is an intrusion into someone else’s property. It robs the victim of their income and the investments made to build a good website.

Hacking, whether it targets small sites or large business websites, is a criminal act.

The hacker gains, and you lose


Your Google ranking takes a hit..

Google will notice that your website is displaying information that doesn’t belong to it.

Especially in the case of adult content or illegal pharmaceuticals, your reputation will quickly deteriorate.

If a hacker’s code redirects your website to another site or offers unsafe files through your website, Google may choose to block access to your website with a red warning screen. This warning appears on Google Chrome browsers on desktops, tablets, and phones, as well as in the description of your website in Google search results.

google blokkeerd website uit veiligheid

You lose potential customers..

Customers visit your website or online shop but see that it is unsafe, so they perform a new search on Google and end up at your competitor’s website.

Restoring a hacked website..

You need to ensure that your website is free from viruses and hacks. Searching for malicious code takes time for every programmer, not to mention finding and closing backdoors; otherwise, the website may be hacked again within a few days!

Preventing your website from being hacked

A hacker uses specific tricks and exploits vulnerabilities in plugins and WordPress. These can include forms, upload directories, the well-known login address, files containing sensitive information, the database, and more.

We secure WordPress websites against hackers, offering hack-free guarantee!

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