SSL for WordPress

SSL for WordPress
datum-geschreven 18 Nov 2023

Securing your website with SSL can be beneficial in certain situations when it comes to protecting a WordPress website from hacking attempts.

Does SSL have any use in securing a WordPress website?

When it comes to automated attacks from hackers and scripts that target WordPress plugins, themes, and users directly: No

When it comes to hackers personally targeting your WordPress website: Yes

Why SSL may be necessary to secure your WordPress website

If there is a significant interest in hacking a website, a hacker may personally focus on your website. This doesn’t happen frequently, as in most cases, hackers use automated scripts to gain access to websites. However, in cases where automated methods fail, hackers may resort to other methods, making encrypting the connection between you and your WordPress website necessary.

SSL becomes essential when there is valuable information or money involved.

The moment you log in to your WordPress website

Logging in to your WordPress website involves a series of exchanges between your computer and the WordPress login panel. Here’s a simplified breakdown of the process:

  1. You send a command from your computer by typing the admin address. (Make sure to have good antivirus software)
  2. This goes to your router (Ensure it has good encryption and a strong password)
  3. Then to your internet service provider
  4. It travels through several intermediary steps
  5. To reach the server (a computer running on Linux or sometimes Windows)
  6. The server responds and sends the admin page back to your PC & browser. (Beware of browser malware/trojans)
  7. Then you enter your username & password, which travels back through all the previous steps without encryption.

Now you understand why doing this through SSL encryption is important!

  • This is why you should not click on pop-ups from web pages (they may contain malware)
  • This is why you need a good browser (avoid using outdated Internet Explorer)
  • This is why your WordPress website must be secured to prevent data from being sent to hackers

The internet is a serious place, just like you wouldn’t leave your house key lying around or your windows open, you need to take security seriously on the internet. Or you could end up waiting until someone has copied your key… CLICK

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