Securing your WordPress website

Securing your WordPress website
datum-geschreven 12 Oct 2023

Securing Your WordPress Website: Is It Really Necessary? Isn’t WordPress Secure Enough?

Hackers are constantly searching for vulnerabilities in WordPress and its plugins. And unfortunately, they have been successful!

These hackers are not just amateur programmers with too much time on their hands.

You’re dealing with full teams, where each programmer uses their knowledge to create a hack.

Secure WordPressPlugins + Themes = A Vulnerable Site

Among the 48,749 plugins available for free download and the 40,000+ paid premium plugins and themes, there are 6144+ WordPress plugins and themes that have reported vulnerabilities known to hackers.

Securing your WordPress website is no longer a luxury with all these vulnerabilities! It has become necessary to protect your WordPress website.

A hacked WordPress website can cause the following issues:

  • Sending spam (unwanted advertisements) using your website address
  • Capturing and redirecting customer information
  • Displaying advertisements (links) within your own content

Securing Your WordPress Website Against Hackers

Hackers are not personally involved in hacking your WordPress website.

Hackers deploy scripts online that continuously search for WordPress websites via Google and test them for vulnerable plugins and outdated WordPress versions.

It’s important to keep WordPress up to date and prevent these (hack) scripts from gathering information about your website. The more a hacker and/or script knows about your website’s data, the easier it is for them to find a vulnerability.

Securing Your WordPress Website Against Vulnerable Plugins

Plugins are developed by web agencies and programmers from all over the world. Many of these programmers are unaware of hackers’ tricks. Even though they create brilliant plugins, those plugins are unfortunately susceptible to automated hacks.

Securing Your WordPress Website Against Injections

WordPress has various methods for updating news, such as through the app or APIs. It’s crucial to prevent these injections!
An injection is a command given to your website through a specific URL, typically through the navigation bar.

Secure WordPressPlugins like iThemes Security PRO NL block long commands, significantly reducing the possibility of injections.

Securing Your WordPress Website with WPbeveiligen

We actively secure WordPress websites seven days a week. We know hackers’ tricks and have the knowledge to defend against them.

Let us secure your WordPress website!

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