Securing WordPress from hackers

Securing WordPress from hackers
datum-geschreven 25 Jan 2024

WordPress has become popular among entrepreneurs, design agencies, and even companies making millions.

Companies get a design created, set up a marketing team to fill the website, and then use WordPress to put everything online.

Due to its widespread use by large companies, WordPress has become an attractive target for hackers.

Hackers can download WordPress for free and test it for vulnerabilities, exploiting WordPress functions and using upload capabilities and posts to display their own information.

For this reason, it’s crucial to secure your WordPress website!

What can happen if a hacker hacks your website?

In 80% of hacks, it involves a spam script that causes your website to send emails using your domain name.

The script attempts to send as many emails as possible to offer their products to large groups of people.

10% of hackers aim to become known or just play a “cool” trick, and your website will display their logo and text.

The remaining 10% destroys your website and simply makes it non-functional.

Once your website is hacked..

Once your WordPress website is hacked, it’s unfortunately not so easy to get rid of it.

If a plugin, theme, or your WordPress is vulnerable, the hacker or a script often places a “backdoor” in one of the hundreds of files.

(A backdoor is essentially a loophole that opens WordPress through an admin user, by sending FTP credentials, or through a certain link that provides access to the database.)

What can I do to protect my WordPress website?

I have a few simple steps for you to take that can make your WordPress website safer. Keep in mind that there are many more vulnerabilities that need to be addressed, but these steps will put you on the right track.

  1. Change your admin username. “Admin” is very standard and known to every hacker and script.
  2. Update your WordPress, themes, and plugins.
  3. Do not download illegal premium plugins.
  4. Remove plugins that you don’t use.
  5. Use a security plugin like WordFence or iThemes Security.

I want a professional to secure my WordPress website!

I’m Mathieu from

I’ve been working with WordPress since 2007 and have been active as a programmer-designer for years.

The experience I’ve gained over the years has been used since 2010 as a full-time WordPress security expert.

Do you want to secure your WordPress website?

Contact me directly! Even if your website is already hacked, I’ll make sure your website is restored to almost new and properly secured.

I also offer a guarantee for this!

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