Remove malware from WordPress

Remove malware from WordPress
datum-geschreven 25 Oct 2023

Malware is a true plague for WordPress websites.

Malware in WordPress can consist of:

  • A script that sends spam
  • Unwanted ads inserted between your texts
  • Redirecting visitors to unknown webshops
  • And more..

In short, malware is not something you’d be happy about!

And it’s not just you; thousands of other WordPress websites are also used by hackers to display their ads.

This is an automated process where the hacker writes a script that exploits a vulnerability in WordPress or one of its plugins.

How can you remove Malware?

To do this, you need to be able to recognize malware, which is not easy if you are a design agency or a beginner.
Malware is written in PHP but then passed through a program that turns it all into =(LFIIOHWGWWGHIHHHH)=.
This way, the server cannot recognize the malware since it is not readable (but still executable).

Malware can be just one line hidden among the thousands of code lines in WordPress.

Getting Malware removed

It’s easier to have WPbeveiligen remove the malware. We have years of experience in locating and removing malware!
And not only that.. we can also secure your website to prevent the malware from coming back within 2 days. We provide a guarantee for that!

Get malware removed

Or secure your WordPress website to prevent malware from entering!

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